Algebra and Trigonometry by Sheldon Axler

By Sheldon Axler

Collage Algebra and Trigonometry will entice those that are looking to supply vital subject matters extra in-depth, higher-level insurance. this article bargains streamlined process observed with available definitions throughout all chapters to permit for an easy-to-understand learn. collage Algebra comprises prose that's specified, exact, and straightforward to learn, with hassle-free definitions of even the subjects which are more often than not so much tough for readers.

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2 · (−3) = −6 1 2 1 −2 • The product of a positive number and a negative number is negative. is positive • The multiplicative inverse of a positive number is positive. is negative • The multiplicative inverse of a negative number is negative. 3 Inequalities, Intervals, and Absolute Value 25 Lesser and Greater We say that a number a is less than a number b, written a < b, if a is left of b on the real line. Equivalently, a < b if and only if b − a is positive. In particular, b is positive if and only if 0 < b.

This example shows the importance of paying careful attention to the order of operations, even when using a calculator. 9 and then on most calculators you need to press the enter button or the = button. 09 as the result. 72. 9. 9 should mean. 09. Make sure you know how your calculator interprets the kind of input shown in the example above, or you may get answers from your calculator that do not reflect the problem you have in mind. 2 Algebra of the Real Numbers 17 Many calculators have parentheses buttons, which are often needed to control the order in which operations are performed.

Suppose b = 0 and d = 0. Explain why a c ad − bc − = . b d bd 60. Suppose b = 0 and d = 0. Explain why a c = if and only if ad = bc. b d worked-out solutions to Odd-numbered Exercises Do not read these worked-out solutions before first attempting to do the exercises yourself. Otherwise you may merely mimic the techniques shown here without understanding the ideas. For Exercises 1–4, determine how many different values can arise by inserting one pair of parentheses into the given expression. 1. 19 − 12 − 8 − 2 solution Here are the possibilities: Best way to learn: Carefully read the section of the textbook, then do all the odd-numbered exercises (even if they have not been assigned) and check your answers here.

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