Airbus Industrie Airbus A340 (AirlinerTech Series, Vol. 3) by Scott E. Germain

By Scott E. Germain

Scot Germain's Airbus A340 comprises assurance of flight exams, pilot experiences, FMGS info and most modern 500/600 types of this workhorse of the sky. Profusely illustrated with one hundred sixty b/w photographs as well as 4 pages of colour images, Airbus A340 is a definitive creation to at least one of the main technologically complex advertisement plane up to now. certainly, the Airbus A340 used to be the 1st plane to be thoroughly designed on computer.One of the illustrated sequence that takes a technical examine airliners. This quantity explains the A340's inside, cockpits, engineering exams, exploded perspectives, engines, flight structures, wing and fuselage constitution, and security platforms. Airliner Tech three.

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Scott E. Germain) The FIRE portion of the overhead panel has fire push buttons that light up red if an engine is on fire. In such cases, the metal safety clip is lifted, allowing the button to be pushed. All fluids to the engine are cut off, and the engine is automatically shut down. The Agent 7 and Agent 2 push buttons discharge extinguishing gas into the engine and cowling. Germain) 40 AIRLIlfERTECH aircraft recording system is also handled by the FADECs. As part of the autoflight system in the A340, the thrust levers are also Fly By Wire, and contain no mechanical linkage to the engines.

Both versions have the same wing, spanning 197 ft. 10 in. The wing itself is a three-spar box design incorporating aluminum construction. Some secondary structure is fashioned from aluminum lithium, and aluminum alloys are used in many of the fittings. The outboard flaps, flap track fairings, ailerons, spoilers, and leading/ trailing edge fixed surfaces utilize carbon, graphite, and other composites in their construction. A total of 13% of the wing structure, by weight, is made up of composite materials.

PUSIflUTTON HDG OR TRK SELECTOR KNOB AFS CONTROL PANEL FlO EFIS CONTROL PANEL ~; The FeU serves as the short-term interface between the flight crew and the aircraft's FMGS. The airspeed, heading; altitude, and vertical speed knobs can be pushed or pulled to distinguish between Managed or Selected functions. AIRLINER TECH we for the customer airline and its area of operations. Standard navigation data, routes, waypoints, airport, and alternate airport data is included, and is updated on a 28-day cycle.

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