AIChE Equipment Testing Procedure - Centrifugal Compressors by American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)

By American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)

With its engineer-tested methods and thorough reasons, Centrifugal Compressors is a necessary textual content for an individual engaged in enforcing new expertise in gear layout, settling on procedure difficulties, and optimizing gear functionality. This condensed e-book provides a step-by-step method of getting ready for, making plans, executing, and reading checks of centrifugal compressors, with an emphasis on equipment that Read more...

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0 Site Test The purpose of the site performance test is to evaluate the performance of the cen­ trifugal compressor to assure it is operating as guaranteed. 1 Proper planning is essential to the performance of a meaningful site test. An agenda covering the details of the test should be drawn up well in advance, and agreed upon by the manufacturer and the customer. 2 The instruments required should be listed, secured, calibrated and placed prop­ erly. The data required must be identified. 3 Field conditions shall not exceed the allowable departures from the specified operating conditions shown in Table 2.

By throttling either the suction or discharge valve, the flow is decreased in increments, and measurements are made at each value of flow until a minimum flow operating point is reached. 2 Compressors with variable speed drives can vary flow by changing the speed of the compressor. Common procedure, however, is to run at a particular speed and vary flow by throttling. 3 After the speed and flow have been set for the first point, the compressor vari­ ables should be stabilized and then the various measurements should be recorded.

01 Table 3. 0 Test Measurements 5 0 3 . 1 The following measurements will be taken: inlet and discharge pressure to each compressor case. 5 0 3 . 2 Two pressure taps or stations, 180 degrees apart, will be used on each inlet and discharge. Location of the pressure taps will be in accordance with Figure 1. 5 0 3 . 3 Inlet and discharge temperature to each compressor case: Two temperature probes or stations, 180 degrees apart will be used on each inlet and discharge. Location of the temperature probes will be approximately 6 inches from the compressor nozzle flanges.

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