Advances in Motor Torque Control by M. Ahmad

By M. Ahmad

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This wave based approach depends on launching and absorbing mechanical waves with the right amount at the right time in order to position a non-collocated end-effector to a target position without residual vibration. However, the wave based approach requires having an additional measurement from a non-collocated mass along the flexible lumped system in order to determine the propagating mechanical waves along the system, in this section we would like to find a method to avoid this measurement. In (Khalil & Sabanovic, 2010b) the action reaction well-known law of dynamics was utilized in order to provide an instantaneous feedback-like force from a class of dynamical system with inaccessible outputs.

Html> World Energy Council. 2009). asp> Xu, X. & Novotny, D. W. (1991). Implementation of Direct Stator Flux Orientation Control on a Versatile DSP Based System. 694-700, ISSN 0093-9994. ; Ermis, M. & Barlak, C. (2001). Soft-Starting of Large Induction Motors at Constant Current with Minimized Starting Torque Pulsations. 5, (September/October 2001), pp. 1334-1347, ISSN 0093-9994. ; Ba-Razzouk, A. (2005). Accurate Adaptive Integration Algorithms for Induction Machine Drive over a Wide Speed Range, IEEE International Conference on Electric Machines and Drives, pp.

Experimental result of AFS based on variable assist ratio control in cased of pattern 5. 1 Pattern 1: reference angle ∆θ*=-60(º) The experimental result is shown in Fig. 22. The graph of the angle shows that the technique did not cause the same steering interference as the reaction torque control based on the idealized model shown in Fig. 15; in addition, the proposed technique exhibited excellent performance in matching the reference angle of the front axle wheel. On the other hand, the Experimental Verification of Reaction Torque Control Based on Driver Sensitivity to Active Front Steering 29 graph of the steering torque shows that the technique could transmit a small amount of the reaction torque from the road surface to the driver.

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