Acts Dispensationally Considered - Volume 4 by Cornelius R. Stam

By Cornelius R. Stam

Berean Bible Society;
Acts is the main interesting tale ebook of the bible and while crucial key to figuring out of God's dealings with guy today.
It is among the nice dispensational books of the bible, with transparent line of educating all through. it's very unlikely to rightly divide the note of fact with no an figuring out of the e-book of Acts.

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47 The judge before whom they were to make their complaint was anything but a man of justice or integrity. Historians tell us that he was a former slave, elevated to his present position as governor of Judaea only through the influence of his brother Pallas, a favorite of the Emperor, but was recalled and tried at Rome for maladministration, finally to be acquitted by Nero only, again, because of his brother's intercession. Josephus tells of his injustice and cruelty and Tacitus says that "in the practice of all kinds of lust and cruelty he exercised the power of a king with the temper of a slave" (Hist.

The apostle, being still an uncondemned prisoner, was evidently detained under only a moderate form of military custody, for it appears that his nephew had free access to him (Ver. 16; Cf. 24:23; 27:3; 28:16,30). The calm presence of mind and level-headedness with which Paul received and acted upon the lad's report was characteristic of him. God had assured him that he would reach Rome, but he did not therefore dismiss the report as representing no threat to his safety. He realized that while God is sovereign, human responsibility and effort form part of His plans (Cf.

V. A contemptuous term for believers in Christ. The word "sect" here is hereseos, or "heresy" as in ver. 14 48 The passage from the word “whom" in Verse 6 to “unto thee" in verse 8 is omitted from some of the earliest MSS but not from the Syriac, which antedates our oldest MSS. From the context, also, it appears to belong to the text. 49 Anakrino is used forensically of a searching examination by torture (See John 19:1, Cf. ). Since the Greek relative is in the singular Tertullus could not have been suggesting such an examination of the Jews, nor, in the context, could he have meant that Lysias should be thus examined.

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