A Witch's Guide to Ghosts and the Supernatural by Gerina Dunwich

By Gerina Dunwich

This booklet not just chronicles this author's attention-grabbing, and every now and then terrifying, own stories with haunted homes and ghostly encounters, however it additionally offers actual Witches' spells, rituals, charms, herbs, and oils to conjure, banish, and guard opposed to the spirits of the useless. by using this publication, you are going to how to adequately behavior a séance, the right way to use a Ouija board to speak with spirits, know the way to acknowledge and interpret messages from the lifeless who look in desires, see tips to examine a haunting like specialist ghost-hunters do, and lots more and plenty extra. it is going to educate you the darkish secrets and techniques of old necromancy-the once-forbidden occult artwork of divination by way of the lifeless and assist you discover the hazards linked to obsession and ownership, and allow you to gaze upon the area of spiritualism from its early days in Victorian-era England to the current

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It is a custom among some individuals to conclude a ghost hunt by reciting a special prayer for the spirits of the dead and/or asking the god or goddess of their spiritual tradition to bless and protect them. Some also feel that it is only proper to offer thanks to the spirits for any signs or communications received. Interview With a Spiritual Medium I first met Tim Braun on Halloween of 2001 at an occult shop in Hollywood, California called Panpipes Magickal Marketplace. A compassionate and soft-spoken individual, he was born with the rare ability to communicate with the spirits of the dead.

However, if it is observed in the evening hours, this is a sign of impending death for that individual. A Witch’s double has long been known as a “fetch,” and during the Witch-burning era it was commonly believed throughout Europe and New England that a Witch was capable of sending forth his or her fetch to steal, create mischief, or bring harm or death to enemies and rivals. Peasants and royalty alike believed this to be accomplished through the use of special incantations or spells, the aid of the devil, or simply through the power of the Witch’s will.

How to Rid Yourself of an Unwanted Spirit If you should suddenly find yourself troubled by an unwelcome spiritual entity, do not allow yourself to become panic-stricken. It is important that you stay calm and rational. Sometimes simply speaking out loud to the spirit and politely asking it to leave you, your family, and your home in peace is all that is necessary to bring the undesired paranormal activity to a halt. Speak in a calm, firm, and respectful manner, employing psychology to help the spirit to move on.

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