A Test in Phonetics: 500 Questions and Answers on English by B. Siertsema

By B. Siertsema

If Phonetics is a relatively fresh topic for ecu scholars of international languages and is eyed by way of them with a few sus­ picion as an invention that's intended to make their experiences tough, it truly is much more so with English Phonetics for African scholars. haven't Africans been studying English for over a century, and with solid ends up in many situations, with out giving a proposal to its phonetics? Why introduce this new topic and upload to the variety of books they need to learn and the variety of examinations they need to go sooner than they could get their measure? but if the research of a overseas language is to be brand new its phonetics can't be ignored; to the contrary, it's as very important because the examine of its spelling, if no more so. With the discovery of radio and mobilephone, of gramophone and tape-recorders, the significance of the spoken be aware has elevated immensely and it truly is way more crucial now than it used to be 100 years in the past that those that examine a international language should still discover ways to communicate it safely. hence a brand new topic has been additional to the time table of language scholars and academics: the examine and perform of the sounds of the language, and for the academics additionally the learn of ways to coach those sounds.

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379. There is no Post-office there, is there? Comment on the pronunciation of there. 380. She continued writing to him for a month. Transcribe in two ways and comment on the difference in the transcription of to him. 381. In which two ways can you intone the last stressed syllable in What's the time? 382. " Which is which? 383. Which of these "tunes" do you often hear in statements? 384. " 385. Which of the "tunes" is often heard in questions beginning with an auxiliary? 386. " 387. What happens to the unstressed syllables after the last stressed syllable of a sentence if this is on a falling tone?

Let them say [e] and tell them to open their mouths wider while doing so. See Nos. 34 and 39. [gJ:d3dsJ. Half open, central, unrounded. Very lax. Hall open: the tongue is rather far away from the palate but by no means at its lowest possible position. (In fact the vowel can be pronounced with the tongue considerably closer to the palate than most vowel-schemes indicate). Central: the tongue is not raised at the back or in the front. Unrounded: the lips are in neutral position. Very lax: there is no muscular tension in the tongue or lips, both are held loosely.

27. The difference depends on whether the final consonant is voiced or not. 28. No. Compared with the [iJ in bid the [i:J in bead is indeed longer; but when the [i:J is followed by a breathed consonant it is shortened and often is not longer than the [i] in bid. 29. Better terms would be "free" and "checked" vowels. 30. A free vowel is a vowel that can occur stressed at the end of a word, for instance [i:J in key; [o:J in car; [o:J in core; [u:] in coo; [;:):] in occur. The phonetic symbols of these vowels are followed by a colon.

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