A Student Grammar of Turkish by F. Nihan Ketrez

By F. Nihan Ketrez

A scholar Grammar of Turkish is a concise creation to Turkish grammar, designed particularly for English-speaking scholars and execs. Written with the desires of the learner a great deal in brain, it units out the grammar of the language in a transparent and jargon-free sort. The ebook not just explains the basics of the grammar, but in addition assessments scholars' realizing in an interactive method with greater than 2 hundred routines. Key grammar issues are summarised in tables and there are lots of illustrative examples. an inventory of grammatical phrases utilized in the booklet and a key to all of the workouts also are supplied. This crucial grammar and workout booklet can be utilized as a complement for college students learning the language, with a twin functionality as a reference consultant to appear up grammar issues, and as a source from which routines might be set and language talents practised.

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See Chapter 2 for a detailed account of it. In the case of the possessive suffixing, these kinds of sound changes are observed very frequently. Remember also that such changes are not very predictable. Here are some examples of unpredictability: sap becomes sapı but kitap becomes kitabı at becomes atı, fiyat becomes fiyatı, yurt becomes yurdu sac¸ remains as sac¸ı but a˘gac¸ becomes a˘gacı ˘ kek is pronounced as keki but renk becomes rengi and k¨opek becomes k¨opegi Another phonological change is observed in the high vowels.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. davet etti. Aynur herkesi partiye telefon , bazıları da taksi Bazı misafirler otob¨us ac¸tı. Murat zarfları bıc¸ak sınav sonuc¸larını bekliyor. Kardes¸im heyecan atın. L¨utfen imzanızı t¨ukenmez kalem girebiliyorsun. Konsere sadece davetiye gidecekmis¸. Hasan Bey m¨uzeye o¨ g˘ renciler geldi. 39 A STUDENT GRAMMAR OF TURKISH ¨ 8. Odevlerimizi e-posta g¨onderebilir miyiz? g¨or¨u¸secek. 9. H¨useyin yarın Fransız m¨u¸steriler Neriman yarın aks¸am evleniyorlar. 10. Selim Exercise 14 Complete the sentences with -(y)lA.

5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. (mine). Bu kitap (children’s). plural) kahvesi az s¸ekerli olacak? (ours). S¸u kırmızı panjurlu yazlık ev (yours) mi? Bu anahtarlar (theirs) de˘gil mi? Bu c¸antadaki paranın hepsi (whose) halası? Arzu’nun annesi (yours) de˘gil, (H¨useyin amca’s). Bu ac¸ık c¸ay (Atakan’s) mı? Bu kapıdaki k¨uc¸u¨ k kedi (my mother’s). Bu siyah deri c¸anta Exercise 2 Fill in the blanks with the genitive case marker. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Bu anahtarlar kim Bu araba ben ¨ ur Bu kitaplar Ozg¨ Bu terlikler babam Bu anahtar sizin ev Bu telefon ev Bu kayısılar nere Bu yem balıklar Bu kahve ben Bu araba baban ?

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