A Practical Handbook of Seawater Analysis by J. D. H. Strickland

By J. D. H. Strickland

310 pages. Hardcover with dirt jacket. Fisheries examine Board of Canada.

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A Practical Handbook of Seawater Analysis

310 pages. Hardcover with dirt jacket. Fisheries study Board of Canada.

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A volume basis is used in the tables and equations in the present method. 123. The ratio may vary appreciably, however, according to the nature of the water mass concerned and must be determined experimentally for the most precise work. CARBONATE ALKALINITY The carbonate alkalinity is the number of milliequivalents of hydrogen ion that are neutralized by 1 kg of sea water (or 1 liter at 20 C in the present method) in converting carbonate and bicarbonate ions to carbon dioxide by the reactions : 2 C03 - + H+ � HCO/­ HCO/- + H+ � �C03 In all natural sea waters with a salinity exceeding about 1 O%o, the total alkalinity will arise from the ions CO/-, HCO/ -, H2BO/-, OH1 - and, in a negative sense, H + .

The total carbon dioxide in the sample is calculated from the difference in the two pressures, making suitable corrections for the temperature and salinity of the sample. C. SPECIAL APPARATUS AND EQUIPMENT 1 . 5-ml special Van Slyke pipette. 5-1 mm, enabling a good seal to be made in the filling cup (see later ) . The pipette is calibrated to deliver 5 ml between two etched marks. 005 ml. 2. 5�ml graduations on the gas chamber and a manometer graduated in units of 1 mm. The gas chamber must be water jacketed with a thermometer in the jacket reading to the nearest 1 C from 15 to 30 C.

Gast and Thompson, A nal. 25. The method for determining total alkalinity that is. described here is taken from Anderson and Robinson (Ind. Eng. Chern. [Anal. Edition] 1 8 : 767, 1 946 ) and is sufficiently precise for most purposes. The method acts as a check of the specific alkalinity. As the latter is near 0. 1 23 in most sea areas it is only necessary to make alkalinity measurements on samples taken at great depths or at inshore locations where there is marked land drainage or where active carbonate precipitation is suspected.

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