A Midsummer Night's Dream (The Annotated Shakespeare) by William Shakespeare

By William Shakespeare

From the hilarious mischief of the elf Puck to the tough humor of the self-centered backside and his fellow avid gamers, from the palace of Theseus in Athens to the magic wooden the place fairies play, Shakespeare’s amazing A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a play of appeal and an insightful portrait of the predicaments of affection.

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Bottom A very good piece of work, I assure you, and a merry. Now, good Peter Quince, call forth your actors by the scroll. 11 1 fellowship, companionship* 2 individually (Bottom mangles the word “severally”) 3 piece of paper 4 list, roll 5 (once descriptive of a between-acts humorous playlet – or mime performance – by Shakespeare’s time the word was used for popular comedies, and at some point for stage drama generally)* 6 treats on ϭ deals with 7 grow to a point ϭ come to a conclusion? a definite position?

There will we rehearse. For if we meet in the city, we shall be dogged72 with company,73 and our devices74 known. 77 I pray you, fail me not. 81 Adieu. 66 a gold coin (but see note 68 on a possibly different meaning intended, here, for “crown”) 67 color?

Quince An you should do it too terribly, you would fright the Duchess and the ladies, that they would shriek. 49 70 Bottom I grant you, friends, if you should fright the ladies out of their wits,50 they would have no more discretion51 but to hang us. But I will aggravate52 my voice so that I will roar you53 as gently as any sucking54 dove. I will roar you an ’twere55 any nightingale. 75 Quince You can play no part but Pyramus. For Pyramus is a sweet-faced man, a proper man as56 one shall see in a summer’s day, a most lovely57 gentleman-like man.

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