A Manchu grammar, with analysed texts by P. G. von Mollendorff

By P. G. von Mollendorff

A Manchu Grammar: with Analysed Texts
Paul Georg von Mollendorff


--Alphabet (Table) Pronunciation
--Harmony of Vowels
--Diphthongs and Triphthongs
--Word adjustments and overseas phrases

--Nouns and Adjectives, Terminations, Plural Case Affixes
--Verbs, Derivation, Moods and Tenses, Irregularities, Negation


Manchu Texts with Translation and research

Index of Affixes and phrases

Appendix--European Literature Treating on Manchu


There is as but no grammar of the Manchu language in English. Wylie's translation of Tsing Wan Ki Mung, Shanghai, 1855, a type of Mauchu hand-book for using chinese language, even though necessary and entire of curiosity, is certainly not a grammar.

The normal curiosity taken in each language will, after all, be additionally prolonged to Manchu; nonetheless a number of phrases look essential to express the actual usefulness of its examine.

There exist in all approximately 25O works in Manchu, the vast majority of which arc translations from the chinese language. They encompass translations from the Classics, a few historic and metaphysical works, literary essays, collections of well-known writers, novels, poetry, legislation and laws, Imperial edicts, dictionaries, word books, ere. each one of these translations are very good, yet they're all literal. carried out below the eyes of clever princes, they shape a competent expression of the which means of the chinese language textual content and feature for this reason a correct to recognition equivalent to that liked through commentaries of fine writers. Manchu being infinitely more uncomplicated to benefit than chinese language, those translations are a good aid in the direction of acquiring a transparent perception into chinese language syntax, and students like Stanislas Julien, who owed the striking precision in his renderings to his wisdom of Manchu, have time and again pointed this out. In a letter addressed to Dr. Legge he alludes to the examine of Manchu as being of serious suggestions in translating the Classics. Dr. Legge, despite the fact that, within the preface to his translation of the Shuking, stated himself opposed to it. the explanations complicated through this nice pupil usually are not very cogent, and, in reality, now not realizing the language, he used to be hardly ever powerfuble to pass judgement on. yet, whether he have been correct, others could be in a unique place. Dr. Legge used to be probably extra lucky or extra talented than most folks and had an intensive mastery of chinese language on the time while St. Julien wrote to him. those that locate chinese language tougher have a tendency to contemplate the Manchu translations a good support.

This grammar being meant for the sensible goal of guiding the scholar in...


Windham Press is devoted to bringing the misplaced cultural historical past of a while prior into the twenty first century via fine quality reproductions of unique, vintage published works at cheap costs.

This booklet has been rigorously crafted to make use of the unique photographs of vintage books instead of error-prone OCR textual content. This additionally preserves the paintings of the unique typesetters of those classics, unknown craftsmen who laid out the textual content, usually by means of hand, of every and each web page you'll learn. Their sophisticated artwork concerning judgment and interplay with the textual content is in lots of methods more advantageous and extra human than the mechanical tools applied this day, and gave each one e-book a different, handmade suppose in its textual content that hooked up the reader organically to the paintings of bindery and book-making.

We imagine those advantages are well worth the occasional imperfection due to the age of those books on the time of scanning, and their classic suppose presents a connection to the earlier that is going past the mere phrases of the textual content.

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