A Latin Grammar by Bennett C.E.

By Bennett C.E.

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2. The alveolar consonants t, d, n, when they occur at the end of a word or syllabic, can optionally assimilate to the place of articulation of the consonant at the beginning of the next syllable. Thus n can become m before p, b, m, as in the examples ten men ˌten ˈmen → ˌtem ˈmen downbeat ˈdaʊn biːt → ˈdaʊm biːt Similarly, n can become ŋ before k,g, as in: fine grade ˌfaɪn ˈgreɪd → ˌfaiŋ ˈgreɪd incredible ɪn ˈkred əbəl → ɪŋ ˈkred əbəl In the same way d can change to b and g respectively, as in red paint ˌred ˈpeɪnt → ˌreb ˈpeɪnt admit əd ˈmit → əb ˈmit 42 bad guys ˈbæd gaɪz → ˈbæg gaɪz It is also possible for t to change to p and k respectively, though a more frequent possibility is for t to be realized as a GLOTTAL STOP when followed by another consonant: eight boys ˌeɪt ˈbɔɪz → ˌeɪʔ ˈbɔɪz (ˌeɪp ˈbɔɪz) Where dictionary entries contain alternative pronunciations which are derived by assimilation, they are preceded by →, the symbol for a pronunciation derived by rule.

Adoˈlescence 7. ˈsacrosanct 8. ˌintelˈlectual 9. ˌuncon◦ventionˈality 10. ˈcapital◦ism EXERCISE 54 2. a ˌlarge-scale ˈmap 3. ˌopen-heart ˈsurgery 4. a ˌlaid-back ˈpersonality 5. a ˌleft-handed poˈtatopeeler 6. a ˌmisspelt ˈletter 7. a ˌmisspent ˈyouth EXERCISE 55 1a. ˌaudio-ˈvisual b. ˌaudio-◦visual ˈaids 2a. ˌautoˈmatic b. ˌauto◦matic ˈpilot 4a. ˌopeˈrational b. ˌope◦rational reˈsearch 3a. ˌoccuˈpational 5a. ˌradioˈactive b. ˌoccu◦pational ˈtherapy b. ˌradio◦active deˈcay EXERCISE 56 (suggested versions: others are possible) 2.

D ɪs ˈæb əb ə 4. ˌmæn əʤ ə ˈres 5. ˌmɪs ◦rep riː zen ˈteɪʃ ən EXERCISE 18 1. Yes, there is an alternative pronunciation of the middle syllable of exorcise, giving ˈeks ə saɪz. 2. Two British, and two American:mə ˈʤɒr ət i mə ˈʤɒr ɪt i‖mə ˈʤɔːr ət̼ i mə ˈʤɑːr ət̼ i 3. No. 4. FALSE. There is an alternative pronunciation: əˈpriːs i eɪt. 5. TRUE: acotyledon ˌeɪ ◦kɒt ɪ ˈliːdən ˌə ◦kɒt-, -ə-. The alternatives circled can be combined to give ə 49 ˌkɒt ə ˈliːd ən. EXERCISE 19 1. reassessment ˌriː⌣əˈses mənt 2.

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