A History of Genetics by A.H. Sturtevant

By A.H. Sturtevant

Within the small Fly Room at Columbia collage, T.H. Morgan and his scholars, A.H. Sturtevant, C.B. Bridges, and H.J. Muller, performed the paintings that laid the rules of contemporary, chromosomal genetics. the buzz of these instances, whilst the full box of genetics was once being created, is captured during this ebook, written in 1965 through a kind of current at first. His account is without doubt one of the few authoritative, analytic works at the early background of genetics. This beautiful reprint is observed by means of an internet site, http://www.esp.org/books/sturt/history/ providing full-text models of the major papers mentioned within the publication, together with the world's first genetic map.

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The conclusions were not at once generally accepted, but they could not be disregarded and stand today as essentially correct. At last, cytology and genetics were brought into intimate relation, and results in each field began to have strong effects on the other. C HAPTER 6 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– L INKAGE With the work of Sutton, the relation of the chromosomes to segregation and to independent assortment became clear. But there was a difficulty, already recognized in 1903 by Sutton and by de Vries: It must be supposed that there are more separately Mendelizing genes than there are chromosomes in the cells.

It had, however, been anticipated by Weismann, who supposed that the function of the polar body divisions in the egg was to prevent an indefinite accumulation of ancestral hereditary units and predicted that a similar reduction would be found in the formation of the sperm. In 1883 there appeared a remarkable essay by Roux, in which he argued that the linear structure of the chromosomes and their point-bypoint division into equal longitudinal halves were such striking and widespread phenomena that they must have some selective value.

Henking showed that it divides at only one of the meiotic divisions, with the result that it is present in two of the four sperm arising from each primary spermatocyte and absent in the other two. Other investigators (especially Montgomery) confirmed this description for other Hemiptera, and McClung and Sutton found the same relations in several grasshoppers. Sutton, at McClung’s suggestion, studied the female; unfortunately the material was difficult and the chromosome number was large, with the result that he counted 22 in the female as compared to the 23 clearly present in the male.

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