Forgotten Empire, Vijayanagar, A Contribution to the History by Robert Sewell

By Robert Sewell

The 1st rulers of Vijayanagar, notwithstanding, didn't dare to name themselves kings, nor did even the Brahmans achieve this who composed the textual content in their early inscriptions. it's consequently that i've got spoken of Harihara I. and Bukka I. as "Chiefs." The inscription mentioned of Harihara in 1340 calls him "Hariyappa VODEYA," the previous identify being much less honourable than "Harihara," and the latter certainly entitling him to rank merely as a chieftain.

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A Hindoo, who knew the sultan from the horse he rode, resolved, by revenging the destruction of his gods and country, to gain immortal reputation for himself. He moved unperceived through the hollows and broken ground along the bank of the rivulet, had gained the plain, and was charging towards the sultan at full speed, when Mujahid Shaw, at a lucky instant, perceiving him, made a sign to Mhamood Afghaun, who without delay charged the Hindoo. Mhamood's horse rearing, he fell to the ground. His antagonist, having every advantage, was on the point of putting him to death, when sultan Mujahid Shaw advanced with the quickness of lightning.

36). D. 1336 to 1379) Rapid acquisition of territory -- Reign of Harihara I. -- Check to Muhammadan aggression -Reign of Bukka I. -- Kampa and Sangama? -- The Bahmani kingdom established, 1347 -- Death of Nagadeva of Warangal -- Vijayanagar's first great war -- Massacres by Muhammad Bahmani -- Battle at Adoni, 1366 -- Flight of Bukka -- Mujahid's war, 1375 -- He visits the Malabar coast -- Siege of Vijayanagar -- Extension of territory -- Death of Mujahid, 1378. The city of Vijayanagar, thus founded about the year 1335, speedily grew in importance and became the refuge of the outcasts, refugees, and fighting men of the Hindus, beaten and driven out of their old strongholds by the advancing Muhammadans.

The chief abandoned his guest to the tender mercies of the tyrant, by whom he was condemned to a death of fiendish barbarity. "The Sultan ordered the prisoner to be taken to the women his relations, and these insulted him and spat upon him. Then he ordered him to be skinned alive, and as his skin was torn off his flesh was cooked with rice. Some was sent to his children and his wife, and the remainder was put into a great dish and given to the elephants to eat, but they would not touch it. " To continue briefly the story given by Nuniz.

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