A comprehensive Persian-English dictionary,: Including the by F. Steingass

By F. Steingass

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At what rate ? ; one half of a horse's load, as much as a beast carries upon one side; one side of a piece of money. ), Error, mistake. A JJ^JI adna, Lower, lowest; smaller, smallest; least, most trifling; nearer, nearest. adawdt (pi. of adat), Instruments, tools, utensils ; particles ;—adawdti jang, Arms, war-like apparatus, weapons of war, artillery. A adwar (pi. of dar), Houses, mansions ;—(pi. of daur) Orbs, orbits, revolutions, circles; periods, ages ;—adwari malakid, The harmony of the heavenly bodies, the music of the spheres, the intelligence which moves them.

Arkhanda. A tincture-powder, with which they tinge the nails and other parts of the body of a beautiful red ; some nations, mixing it with vinegar, dye the manes and tails of their horses; a kind of tree from which they make a fine oil. arakhang. Arracan. a arkhun (a^wy), A prince, chief, archon; a high-priest, patriarch (among Eastern Christians). A arkha, Softer, softest; more or most flabby. drad, The twenty-fifth day of every month ; name of the angel presiding over that day ;—ard, A defect, blemish, imperfection ; flour, meal;—ard kardan, To grind;—ardi jaw, Barley-meal;—ardi gandum, Wheaten flour;—ardi kunjud, A dish of fresh dates and syrup ;—ard u ravghan, A kind of sweetmeat.

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