30 Minutes to Prepare a Job Application by 45 June Lines

By 45 June Lines

A part of a sequence of pocket courses geared toward allowing the reader to benefit a brand new ability in exactly half-hour, this article offers tricks on how one can arrange activity purposes with the intention to get your foot within the door.

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Specimen headings Headings from a selection of employers' forms are given below, with notes on their completion. Students applying from university may be using the AGCAS Standard Application Form (or SAF) which they will head with the name of the employer, whose instructions will have been provided separately. EMPLOYER'S NAME POSITION APPLIED FOR SURNAME (Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms) FORENAMES PREVIOUS NAME (if applicable) PRESENT ADDRESS Include postcode. TELEPHONE NO Say if it is an answerphone or fax; give dialling code and number.

Some marketing people fax a letter ahead of their CV but Sanjay realises that such a fanfare approach would be inappropriate for the advertiser and its businesslike image. He writes: Dear Mr Singarida PRODUCT MANAGER I wish to apply for this interesting post, advertised in the Marketing Mouthpiece of 18 May. I would welcome the opportunity to exploit, in a new business environment, the extensive experience I have gained in promoting business information media to executives, trainers and lecturers in higher education throughout Europe, the Far East and the Commonwealth.

Why approach a specific company? You may have been tipped off. You may have read about their expansion plans in the press, or heard news of their winning a big new contract. You may like what you have heard about the firm, or admire their products, and want to work for them. 51 Write an On-Spec Letter Presentation The letter needs to be well laid out (see Chapter 4), correctly spelled and punctuated. It must be written, typed or run off afresh for each addressee, and signed by you. ' Enclosing a stamped-addressed envelope (SAE) should guarantee a response, but don't rely on it.

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