2000 IUCN red list of threatened species by Craig Hilton-Taylor

By Craig Hilton-Taylor

Release of the 2000 crimson record is a massive landmark for IUCN. it's the first time that listings of animals and vegetation were mixed and the 1st time that the pink checklist has been produced on CD-ROM. The 2000 pink record combines new assessments‹including all poultry species, many antelope and bat species, such a lot primates and sharks, all Asian freshwater turtles, extra molluscs, and lots of others‹with these from earlier guides. the combo of animals and crops right into a unmarried record containing exams of greater than 18,000 taxa (11,000 of that are threatened species) and the flow in the direction of greater documentation of every species at the checklist implies that a hard-copy model of the crimson checklist may run to numerous volumes. This, mixed with the truth that the purple checklist could be up to date every year, ended in the choice to liberate the pink checklist in digital layout, through the realm huge internet and as a CD-ROM.

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The bias towards terrestrial vertebrates in the IUCN Red List is further illustrated by the results of the TNC findings for threatened invertebrates in the USA as described above. The need for a stronger focus on the invertebrate groups has long been recognized, and the SSC is developing a strategy to address this problem (see section on the Red List Programme). 11 Red List 2000 06 September 2000 16:14:10 Color profile: Generic CMYK printer profile Composite Default screen 2000 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species Table 3.

Very few species were recorded as being threatened by atmospheric pollution, a category that includes factors like global warming, acid rain precipitation and ozone hole effects. However, the impacts of these more insidious threats may be difficult to detect. In addition they are most likely to be more prevalent among other groups of taxa, especially amphibians and reptiles, which appear to be more sensitive to such global changes. It should be noted that the results presented here are only for threatened birds and a selection of threatened mammals and plants, and when these analyses are performed for a broader variety of species, some changes might be expected.

Australia and South 20 Red List 2000 06 September 2000 16:14:39 Color profile: Generic CMYK printer profile Composite Default screen Analysis Number of plants threatened 1–2 3–10 11–52 54–672 no data Figure 5a. The countries with the highest numbers of threatened plant species. Malaysia Indonesia Brazil Sri Lanka Peru India Tanzania New Caledonia Colombia Jamaica Ecuador Panama Philippines United States China Madagascar Mexico Cuba Cameroon Papua New Guinea 0 VU EN CR 200 400 Number of threatened plants 600 Figure 5b.

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