101 Ways to Run the Option by Tony Demeo

By Tony Demeo

A rare selection of a hundred and one ways in which coaches can hire various diversifications of the choice of their team's offensive assault. Covers the split-back veer, wishbone, Woody s choice, Delaware wing-t, a number of I techniques, one-back bone, midline choice, shotgun alternative, utilizing units and movement, in addition to equipment innovations and kicking-game techniques. includes over a hundred diagrams and illustrations.

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This option is an excellent goal-line and short-yardage triple-option play. Diagram 32 Page 50 Option #30: I-Bone Double Option One of the basic principles espoused by LSU head coach Gerry DiNardo is that if a handoff key is easy to read, he is hard to block; and if he is hard to read, he is easy to block. This tenet explains why double options are a staple of the I-Bone attack. For the offensive line, the assignments are exactly the same as in the wishbone rock option to the split end sidethe line just veer blocks (see Option #22).

The option also helped catapult coaches such as Paul "Bear" Bryant, Tom Osborne, and Barry Switzer into national prominence, as their teams became the best in the country. In recent years, however, college football has become saturated with high-powered passing attacks. Predictably, defenses have countered with in-your-face, man-to-man blitz packages as an antidote. However, by depending to a large degree on the blitz, modern defenses have left themselves vulnerable to their old nemesis, the option attack.

The backfield executes its triple-option technique, except that the quarterback fakes to the diveback and then executes the option off the defensive end. The coaching point for the diveback is that he must be prepared to pick up the onside linebacker. Diagram 11 Page 25 Option #9: Crazy Option The Crazy Option is another counter option that is intended to slow down pursuit and get the ball pitched on the perimeter. Lou Holtz and his staff developed this option while Holtz was the head coach was at the University of Arkansas (Diagram 12).

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